Peter J Pijl

In Dutch Peter is pronounced Payter







Our restaurant is truly a family restaurant! I have been fortunate to have my wife, Lisa and all four of our children Adam, Bria, Shaina and Kindra work at Payters! We are looking forward to the day when our grandchildren will also help out at Payters! Thank you to all of our loyal customers, who have truly been part of our lives for over 37 years!

our story

For over 20 years our family has opened its doors to the community 

It started for me at the “Snack Shop” on the Pacific Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar, California in the summer on 1967. Working my way through high school and college, I experienced all of the different duties in the restaurant business. In February of 1980, a business friend asked me if I would be interested in purchasing a drive in restaurant. It took me one day to decide that this is what I wanted to do. I had my idea of the type of restaurant I wanted to open.
Our concepts of high quality, cooked to order breakfast, lunch and dinner at very reasonable prices is what we strive to do on a daily basis! Many of the recipes and methods of preparation are exactly how I learned them back in the late 1960’s. Over the years we have also added new and unique items to our menu that we hope you will enjoy!